New eye treatment results presented at eye conference

In a patient-survey study, we show the dramatic benefits of dipyridamole for treating pterygium, pinguecula and related dry eye disease.

Heart drug (dipyridamole) utility for eye disorders review published

Anti heart attack drug is found useful in treating multiple eye disorders. Our comprehensive review is published.

LDNscience educational site revamp & relaunch

LDN, the novel treatment for which we published the first-ever trial in 2007, reaches 300,000 users. We revamp our popular site.

MRI Contrast Toxicity Review Published

Each year over 30 million people worldwide are exposed to gadolinium contrast during MRI scans. Our study reveals the unknown dangers.

Lyphoma drug, rituximab, found to treat prostate cancer

With researchers at St. George’s University in London, we reveal how rituximab may treat metastatic prostate cancer.

New diagnostic tool for early detection of rare disorder, Castleman's Disease

One of our collaborators donated blood for our experiment, and in the process we discovered they had an early state rare stomach tumor.

Non-surgical treatment developed for vexing eye condition

First-ever non-surgical treatment (dipyrdiamole) discovered for common eye disorders, pterygium and pinguecula – under MedInsight’s leadership.

Children's liver cancer treatment breakthrough

We report long term survival (over 10 years after cure) of two children with liver cancer utilizing a novel safe treatment.

Mystery solved: how an old mineral stops bleeding from wounds

In a joint study with Lille University, we reveal the mechanism of action how gallium stops bleeding from wounds.

Anti-allergy drug stops tumors

We publish a comprehensive study of all the anti-cancer uses of the Japanese anti-allergy drug, Tranilast.

New hope for Crohn's disease patients

In this comprehensive review, we summarize all the studies using intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for treating Crohn’s disease.

Cepharanthine, the Japanese hair loss drug - multiple benefits revealed

We review the multiple therapeutic benefits of a safe Japanese hair loss drug, including its multiple anti-cancer effects.

New anti-bleeding treatment discovered

Gallium, an old and well known mineral, is found to rapidly halt bleeding from wounds. Our case series is published.

Blood test to avoid biopsy for deciding pancreatic cancer therapy

We show that a simple blood test can replace the need for a biopsy in determining the potential of chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer.

Cough syrup (noscpaine) can prevent prostate cancer spread

With University of California San Diego, we show the effect of an old cough medicine, noscapine, in preventing prostate cancer spread.

LDNscience site launched. New hope for autoimmune diseases.

MedInsight launches a physician & patient educatonal website about LDN – a novel treatment for autoimmune diseases and cancer.

A long used opium-derived drug can treat prostate cancer

A non-addictive opium-derived drug fights prostate cancer, our breakthrough study shows.

Skin-cancer drug mystery solved

With our Penn State University colleagues, we uncover the long-sought reason why a popular skin-cancer drug works.

Addiction drug, LDN, shown to treat Crohn's disease in new breakthrough

In world-first, we show that a low-dose of an addiction drug can safely treat Crohn’s disease. Study carried out at Hershey Medical Center.

MedInsight's Birth

MedInsight Research Institute is founded by David Youlton and Moshe Rogosnitzky, as a non-profit organization.