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Our Vision

"A world where effective medicines are applied safely, precisely, and affordably."

Our Mission

To save lives and relieve suffering by educating physicians and patients about novel treatment choices that are safe, effective, accessible, and affordable.

Our Founders

David A. Youlton (1944 - 2012) Co-founder, MedInsight Research Institute “By de-mystifying scientific information, and by being fiercely independent and commercially beholden to no one, we are determined that MedInsight will begin to rewrite the map of medical practice.” David A. Youlton

David A. Youlton (1944 - 2012)

Co-founder, MedInsight Research Institute

David Youlton was a visionary British business leader and public activist. At various times seaman, co-operative Marxist, mature student and Buddhist monk, he found fulfilment through transforming a small electronics company, Snell & Wilcox, into the leading provider of equipment for the emerging digital broadcasting industry. Under David’s leadership, Snell & Wilcox won eight Queen's awards. David went on to chair the British Digital Television Group - which set the standards for digital television broadcasting in the United Kingdom.

David was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2000 at the age of 56. He was given 3 years to live. Following his own motto. “Overcoming the Pessimism of the Intellect with the Optimism of the Will”, David sought out alternate solutions to his “death sentence”. In 2005 he met Moshe Rogosnitzky who opened a new world of possibilities for him. David lived another seven years, maintaining his usual activities throughout the challenges he faced.
In line with his visionary attitude, his infallible optimistic spirit and his generosity, he co-founded the MedInsight Research Institute with Moshe Rogosnitzky in 2006, with the goal of sharing life-saving information enabling patient access to novel treatments, freely and openly with all those in need.

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Moshe Rogosnitzky Co-founder & Executive Director, MedInsight Research Institute “Patients’ hopes are shattered when they are told, ‘there is nothing more that we can do for you.’ By relentlessly sifting through the masses of studies published by the scientific community each week and converting them into actionable knowledge, MedInsight restores hope and transforms it into reality for patients everywhere.“Moshe Rogosnitzky

Moshe Rogosnitzky

Co-founder & Executive Director, MedInsight Research Institute

Moshe Rogosnitzky is a research scientist, innovator and inventor of major medical breakthroughs, and consultant to oncology specialists, patients and companies. His extraordinary career has spanned multiple disciplines and has produced ground-breaking cancer and autoimmune disease treatments. His belief that medicine and science should deliver rapid and tangible benefits to the patient has been the driving force behind all his accomplishments.

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