What is Cureiosity?

Cureiosity® is a repository of manually curated knowledge about novel treatments for serious, chronic, and intractable diseases. The knowledge is manually collated by specially trained data scientists who analyze medical literature published in English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and French. The information gathered by the data scientists is catalogued in a proprietary manner using a next-generation graph-database. The knowledge is further processed using special algorithms that enable extraction of the information in a fully translational and actionable manner.

The origins of Cureiosity

The unique methodology underlying the Cureiosity® system was developed by Moshe Rogosnitzky based on his drug repurposing experience and his career in personalized medicine. The first version of the database, then named MedVision, became functional in 2006, and knowledge curation began the same year.

Due to the mass of information gathered and the need to analyze it using sophisticated algorithms, MedVision evolved into Cureiosity® in 2014. Cureiosity® is a graph-based database with a structure that is exponentially expandable.

Creating the backbone for precision medicine

The growing adoption of precision medicine’s personalized diagnostic tests has created a vital need to accurately target treatments to specific test findings. Since its inception in 2006, MedInsight has placed a special focus on populating its Cureiosity® Knowledge Base with the precise molecular influences of each treatment. This integral element enables Cureiosity® to support the implementation of precision medicine in a safe, effective, and affordable manner.

The future - Placing knowledge at your fingertips

As additional resources become available, we plan to make Cureiosity® readily accessible to physicians, researchers, and patients. We will build dedicated interfaces to serve the unique needs of each user group. By placing Cureiosity’s knowledge at their fingertips, we will provide the vital tools that are able to restore hope to patients and their families no matter where they are.