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"Gadolinium-based contrast agent toxicity: a review of known and proposed mechanisms"
April 9, 2016
paperity The Prepared Minds
"Research review: What we know so far about gadolinium contrast toxicity"
April 8, 2016
Health Imaging
"Researchers: Gadolinium removal drug is needed"
April 7, 2016
"Researchers call on FDA to address gadolinium safety concerns"
April 6, 2016
"Study questions safety of MRI contrast agent used for scans"
April 6, 2016
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"MedInsight Research Institute Presents Latest Findings on Repurposed Drug Used for Treating Pterygium"
April 2, 2016
Ophthalmology Web
"Finding an old drug's new tricks for pterygium"
March 24, 2016
Optometry Today
"Cardiovascular drug may treat pterygium, dry eye symptoms"
March 22, 2016
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"Researchers report outcomes of dipyridamole drug in treating pterygium and related dry-eye symptoms"
March 16, 2016
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"Revamped LDN site launched -- biggest patient-initiated drug discovery program in history"
March 15, 2016
EurekAlert! SCIENMAG
"New treatment for common incurable eye condition"
March 14, 2016
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"Re-use Drugs and Reduce Treatment Times"
July 18, 2014
"Cure for Surfer's Eye? Non-Surgical Treatment for Pterygium"
April 1, 2014
We Are Surfers
"New non-surgical treatment for common, vexing eye condition"
March 31, 2014
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"New report reveals potential breakthrough in pterygium treatment"
March 31, 2014
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"Noscapine Slows Growth and Spread of Prostate Cancer"
March 31, 2010
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"Further Benefits Of Noscapine For Prostate Cancer Revealed By Study"
March 20, 2010
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"New website aims to clear up misconceptions about breakthrough drug Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)"
March 11, 2010
"Natural Substance Noscapine Found Effective Against Advanced Prostate Cancer"
December 30, 2008
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"Your Cough Medicine May Treat Prostate Cancer"
December 19, 2008
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"Imiquimod, an immune response modifier, is dependent on the OGF-OGFr signaling pathway"
July 24, 2008
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"New Study Shows Cough Medicine Effective Against Prostate Cancer"
February 15, 2007
PR newswire MNT
"A common cough medicine, noscapine, is effective against prostate cancer"
February 1, 2007
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